Having Problems with your computer ?

I offer a full repair and upgrade service in the West Wales area including :

  • Virus and Spyware clearance
  • Computer Breakdown
  • Internet Connection Problems
  • Broadband & Wireless Setup
  • Upgrades
  • Data Retreval
  • Backups


    Many computers are thrown away and replaced each year because they are 'runing slowly' or the computer will not start. Many times the computer only needs to be serviced. A computer will never just slow down because it is old. I will always repair first if it is cost efective. Even if the worst happens and the computer cannot repaired it is still possible in many cases to retreive data, photgraphs of the old computer and transfer it to the new.


    These days we hear a lot about old computers that have been disposed of and used to gain access to your information. I will can also help to dispose of an old computer ensuring your information is safe.